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What's it all about?

Piratemania is now in Year 4, and is getting bigger and better year on year. Many Geocaching events are sensible affairs, where well-meaning folk sit around a table and trade TB numbers, or maybe compare GPS units. This is where we come in and introduce a shot of MAYHEM!!!

The whole idea is to create, quite simply, a pirate-themed event with the emphasis on camping, walking, eating, drinking, and most of all FUN!!!

We don't pressgang folk into fancy dress, singing songs, joining strange team games nor leaving their comfort zone - the event is what you make it. That said, the pirate costumes all add to the occasion, and in 2010 we had some fantastically decorated vehicles and tents, too!

There's no strong itinerary as such, just pile on to camp on Friday night if you are overnighting it, and enjoy the social. This year, on arrival you will be WRISTBANDED and placed in one of FOUR opposing pirate teams. You'll be shown your TEAM LEADER, who will welcome you with open arms and maybe a tot of rum! Then, look out for doubloons to hand out. This applies to day visitors, too. On the Saturday evening, the doubloons are counted out, and a winning team announced. Bragging rights ensue for 12 months!

Cache-wise, we'll release a series at approximately 10am on the Saturday. This isn't the day event, per se - as the listings will be on GC.com at the same time.

We'll be hopefully having more KANGAROO BOXING, a WALK THE PLANK variation on the bucking bronco, MARQUEES, BOUNCY CASTLES, TUG OF WAR, ZEN WRESTILING, a REAL ALE BAR, HOT FOOD, CHILLIE EATING, THE WORLDS HOTTEST CURRY and more, all presented for your delectation and pleasure!

So, whether you want to take part in the full PIRATE spirit, or want to take it easy and chat with friends old and new, PIRATEMANIA remains one of the friendliest and open events on the caching calendar. Just read the past logs!